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Community Medicine


Community medicine is taught for III AND IV BHMS students. Theory classes and practical are conducted for the students. Practical classes include field visits, Health survey visits, Health awareness programmes, International and national health day observations. During Final year students make a visit to Milk pasteurization units (Aavin milk plant), Water purification centre (at Nangavalli), sewage treatment plant, PHC, Anganwadi, Sub centre, and family survey visits. Five villages have been adopted and regular field visits are made by the Final BHMS students and Interns.



The department has well equipped state of the art museum. Charts and specimens depicting the community health tasks, food pyramid containing all the grains & fruits of nutritive importance are displayed in the museum. Three pitcher water purification system, Slow sand filter model, Rapid sand filter model, Wind mill and sanitary/hygienic practices are displayed in the form of models for better understanding for students. In the demonstration room many health education charts and boards are displayed.

Village adoption and Medical camps

Regular medical camps, Health check up programmes for school children, Health education programmes to public and school children are conducted. Five villages namely Pattanam, Vadugam, Kakaveri, R.Pudhupalayam, Malayampatti nearby the college area has been adopted by Department of Community Medicine and regular field survey is conducted by the Final BHMS students under the guidance and supervision of department faculty.

Details of teaching faculty

Department Of Community Medicine
Name Designation Full Time/Part Time Qualification / Year Of Passing / Awarded University Age / DOB Registration no with date, with state of council Teaching Experience Date Of Joining Address & Phone Number
Year College
Dr.K.R. RAJEEV KUMAR Principal/Professor Full Time DHMS 1989 Board of Examiners, Kerala 52 Years 25.04.65 781/04.02.1998 Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council 18.3 Years Whmc 20.03.2017 Chembukonathu veedu , CRA26 , Vattiyoorkavu , Trivandrum . 09496196396
2.8 years Drhhmc
1.5 Years Mhmc
M.D 2006 University of Mumbai 1.10 Years Drhhmc
Total 24Yrs 4Months
Dr.M.DEEPA LAKSHMI Lecturer Full Time BHMS 2003 TNDrMGRMU Chennai 37 Years 10.07.81 1664/03.09.2004 , Tamilnadu Homoeopathy Medical Council 9Yrs 6Months Drhhmcrc 14.09.2004 to 20.09.2007 / 01.10.12 D.8-2/60, Nangavallai Main Road, Tharamangalam 8760509777
Dr. P. PREETHY Lecturer Full Time BHMS 2003 TNDrMGRMU Chennai 38 Years 05.05.80 1708/29.11.2004 Tamilnadu Homoeopathy Medical Council 7Yrs 4Months Drhhmc 13.12.2011 67/4D-5, Annai indira nagar, Salem, 8220341823